Hello, I'm Gerard Petersen, lawyer, legal talent agent and long time career confidant. 

After almost three decades in and around legal practice, having worked across every major firm, with partners and senior lawyers of all levels intimately helping improve their careers, I saw a need that simply wasn't being addressed. 

That need is for independent and unbiased support, guidance and perspective for partners and anyone who aspires to not only survive their life in law, but thrive in it. Funnily enough, that was a need I had a long time ago, which was never fulfilled.


So I set out to change this.


With The Business of You I have distilled my three decades of experience with lawyers, law firms and legal career management into a service for senior lawyers who are wanting more from their career.

I hope I can help you.


I work with partners, aspiring partners & senior lawyers to find their career niche, bringing them greater career satisfaction, personal fulfilment & financial wellbeing.

Gerard Petersen