Career Conversations

As professionals we sometimes ask ourselves "Am I where I should be in my career ?"

1 hr    |    $200

1 hr    |    A$200


There are myriad issues that impact career satisfaction. Some are obvious, others more complex and not so.


Often, we simply find ourselves unsettled, asking "Am I where I should be in my career ?"


We wonder about things like whether we are being properly remunerated/valued, if we are on the right career trajectory, within the right type of business, doing enough of the work we really want to do for the clients we want to act for.


Often we also compare our career with peers, sometimes feeling cheated in comparison; the grass appearing greener elsewhere with their path seemingly better, their rewards apparently greater.


This high level conversation (or series of conversations) will address the issues that you feel are most impacting you and your current career satisfaction. It will sort fact from fiction, give you clarity and perspective about your current circumstances and some tools and strategies to determine if in fact you are where you should be in your career, content with the direction you are heading.

Following this career conversation you may:

- have all your questions and concerns addressed and happily realise you are actually in a good place and on the right path

- find there are more factors to consider than you first thought and want to dive deeper into finding your career niche by doing the Business of You Career Alignment program which will fully identify your value proposition and articulate the ideal career path based on your professional & personal career goals 


- want some 1:1 career coaching to help you achieve particular goals in your career;   or 

- choose to enter a bespoke, exclusive recruitment program via EvansPetersen Legal to immediately find a better career opportunity.






** Note: Fees for this Professional Development may be tax deductible