Career Confidante

Maximising potential & enhancing the quality of your life in the law

1 hr    |    A$250


There are unique issues, challenges & pressures that come with creating and sustaining a high performing career in the law, particularly in today's rapidly changing marketplace.


On the premise that your career belongs to you and your job belongs to the firm it is incumbent upon individual Partners, now more than ever, to take control of their own career success and not devolve responsibility to any firm who will never truly have your best interests fully at heart.

This is why when I coach, I am engaged by you directly, not by any firm. My independent, objective, goals-focussed coaching is tailored to meet your specific needs around maximising your potential and enhancing the quality of your life in the law, separate from your firms expectations. This could include, for example:

- strategies for achieving & sustaining equity partnership

- maximising your remuneration

- managing internal politics and promotion

- building your personal brand

- growing leadership and business development capability

- feeling more fulfilled at work

- thriving during and after 'de-equitisation'

- navigating your life cycle and it's impacts upon your career

- exploring a career transition or transition to retirement



Typically, a coaching program is over a series of 4-6 meetings.

For more information about coaching programs please call Gerard on 0431 015 990







* Note: Fees for this Professional Development may be tax deductible.