Career Alignment & Strategy

Your career belongs to you, your job belongs to the firm.

Take ownership.


We are happiest and most successful when we are aligned with what is most important to us professionally and personally.

It seems so simple. But with the day-to-day busyness and challenges of life and career we often forget that things around us change and as individuals we and our priorities change, meaning sometimes we lose our compass along the way.  This is why, at different stages of our career we feel unsettled, unhappy or, perhaps, even unsuccessful. 

It is important when we feel this way to pause, reflect and re-calibrate to ensure we are clear about what we are trying to achieve professionally and personally and why.  This clarity then gives us the confidence to take the appropriate action necessary to re-align.

This series of conversations and self-reflection exercises are based on The Business of You career alignment framework. Typically, we will:

- make sense of your career path to date; understand why you made the choices you have and how they inform your future decisions

- understand the "life cycle" of a legal career and where you are presently

articulate what "success" looks like for your career and the other areas of life that matter most and how they interrelate

- determine the nature of work that motivates you


- find out where and when you perform at your professional best

- determine whether you and your practice are where you should be in your career and what actions you need to take to get there

Additionally, you may choose to have further conversations that are more commercially focussed which

- analyse your business-of-one; your current practice including clients, financial performance, marketing and BD plans and personal branding

- help you understand your value in the market - what you are worth, to whom and the pros and cons.

- identify potential opportunities, potholes and roadblocks to achieving your career ambitions

- analyse & assess the career options and career development strategies available to you within your current firm or otherwise

- create a career road map that is resilient to change & which energises you

- get you "job ready" if you decide that you need to move firms

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** Note:​  Fees for this Professional Development may be tax deductible